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Blue Mountain Action Council

Blue Mountain Action Council


BMAC, the Blue Mountain Action Council, is a nonprofit organization in Walla Walla, WA that seeks to cultivate innovative services, in partnership with the community, to empower low-income people to meet their vital needs and achieve self-sufficiency.

Through my Graphics Services class, I worked as Creative Director, alongside another classmate, to serve the Blue Mountain Action Council by providing design solutions as they transitioned to a new building. Our solutions included a brand analysis and total rebrand that clarified their mission and goal and provided them with effective communication materials to better reach their clients. The design process, led by a refining of their mission, aimed to tell the story that, when it comes to BMAC, there is more than meets the eye; it has a broad, deep, and important reach in the community. We provided BMAC with a logo redesign, a complete visual identity, an updated business system, and a comprehensive style guide to ensure the new brand is maintained. In addition to providing a refreshed visual system, we transformed their previously complex, data-heavy text into a clear and compelling visually-driven suite of promotional rack cards.

View brand style guide here.

Kathy Covey, CEO
Tracy Parmer, director
Blue Mountain Action Council

Creative direction
Visual identity
Graphic design and layout

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